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T-Time 10-31-16

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Our professional sports teams beaten…

Sunday was another tough day for Cleveland fans as the Browns blow a 13 point lead in the 2nd half and the Tribe loses by a run in game 5 of the World Series. The Indians series lead is now 3 to 2 in a best of 7 match.

The Browns are becoming scary as they seem to be regressing and the defense has trouble holding a lead. The offense tends to become listless once they get a lead. Some serious evaluation may be in order and perhaps a change in philosophy. 0-8 is no way to begin a season especially when you have a team on the ropes at halftime. The need to “finish” the game has been talked about for a long time and the Browns have yet to develop that ability.

The loss to the Cubs on Sunday renders a game 6 to be played as the series moves back to Cleveland on Tuesday evening. The Tribe needs one more win to claim the World Championship and the Cubs need to win Tuesday to force a deciding game 7 which would be played on Wednesday in Cleveland. Hang on to your seats folks as the tension thickens. It ain’t over yet. Where did I leave my Maalox?

And on  a local note…

The Elks Thursday Night Bowling League at Slovak Lanes had quite a few accomplishments in October:

Chuck Morrow, 1st career perfect 300 game with a 687 series (135 pins over average),  Damien Rodriguez, 599 series (134 pins over average),  Luis Palos, 705 series (129 pins over average),   Scott Barnes, 560 series (101 pins over average),  Gino DelMonico, 707 series (101 pins over average),  Denise Rakich, 388 series ( 100 pins over average),  Missy Sheets, 638 series (155 pins over average).  Congratulations to these fine bowlers. Come in to the Slovak Lanes and watch the action. Its a lot of fun.


T-Time 10-29-16

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A bit of focus on our local professional sports…

The Tribe wins again as another nail-biter is played. Both teams had chances to score some runs but only one was scored. Thankfully, it was the Tribe that scored it. Next game is tonight at 8:08 p.m. Have to get more Maalox in the morning.

Go Tribe!

There is some interesting reading on the ESPN Cleveland website concerning Tribe pitcher Josh Tomlin’s father and former Cleveland Browns head coach Marty Schottenheimer. Check it out if you have time.

God bless and stay safe. Dobre nocz.


T-Time 10-26-16

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Great pitching, timely hitting and survival of some trying situations give the Tribe a 6-0 victory in Game 1 of the World Series. Lets do it again tomorrow at 7 p.m. The starting time has been moved up 1 hour.

Go Tribe!

T-Time 10-23-16

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Here, there and who knows where…

Anytime I needed my favorite brand of bar soap, shower cleaner, fruit, lunch meat, snacks, a decent rotisserie chicken, electronics, something for my vehicle, garden products, clothing from head to toe, sporting goods, electronics or even a prescription filled, I could run over to K-Mart on Rt 58 in Lorain and make almost any purchase at a fair price any time of day or night. Now it has succumbed to the list of stores that have been recently closed due to declining business. With all due respect to other stores in the area, it was a “Super” K-Mart carrying a full array of products. Now as I go to the various stores in the same area, I find they do not carry my favorite products or packaged quantity I would purchase for a much cheaper price, the variety of groceries is less, and the variety of product type is much less causing me to make multiple stops to fulfill my laundry list of products I need. I really hate to shop and K-Mart lessened my shopping pain. Goodbye my friend. I will miss you.

The Club was really rocking and rolling this weekend. Friday’s fish fry was very well attended as patrons were steadily coming in for our well known fish. Saturday, the Clam Bake was a hit with the great food and entertainment by Rick Keane of R-KADE Music from 3 to 7 pm. As previously mentioned, Rick promised he would stay longer if the “joint was jumping”. Well, was it ever jumping! Rusty Groner had a Scotch Doubles bowling event Saturday evening which included a steak-fry at approximately 8 pm. This brought an additional 42 people into the Club Room joining the Clam Bake crowd. Rick stayed until 12 midnight as he played guitar and offered up the microphone for karaoke. The patrons were treated to Club President Len Zilko’s granddaughters Lilly, singing “Over the Rainbow”, and Natalya, singing “You Are My Sunshine”. We still had a full crowd at closing time. What a great night of entertainment enjoyed by all who attended. And to close out the weekend, the Club hosted the Annual Children’s Halloween Costume Bowling Party Sunday afternoon with the kids bowling in their imaginative costumes. This has truly been a very memorable weekend for all involved. Thanks to all our friends and Club staff for making it great.

And our beloved Browns lose another game and another quarterback to injury as promising young quarterback Cody Kessler undergoes concussion protocol. Kevin Hogan, another rookie, finished out the game and did admirably. As the injuries continue to mount, the coaches must find a way to better protect the quarterbacks. We have 9 games to go and are running out of options. Head Coach Hue Jackson seemed to show his frustration near the end of the game. Despite the losses, he seems to be heading the team in the right direction. Hang in there fans. This too shall pass…

And finally, The Cleveland Indians will face the Chicago Cubs in the World Series beginning Tuesday evening October 25th. This promises to be a very exciting best-of-7 series as talent abounds for both teams. Hang on to your seats as this has the potential to be a real nail-biter.

God bless and be safe. Dobuducna



T-Time 10-20-16

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Congratulations to The Cleveland Indians as they defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 3-0 to win the American League Championship Series 4 games to 1. The Tribe is really playing as a team with contributions from just about everyone. The pitching staff has been fantastic with a special shout out to the bullpen. They are a lot of fun to watch.

So now comes the World Series which will start in Cleveland on Tuesday October 25th. I’m a little concerned about the lack of hitting. Granted, the hitting has come together at the proper times to get runs across the plate but the overall post-season average has been low. All the teams in the post-season have good pitching staffs and most games have been low scoring events. The old saying is that good pitching stops good hitting. Hopefully the Tribe can continue the unbelievably timely hitting and the fantastic pitching they have produced thus far. But this is not a time to worry. The ride continues so sit back and enjoy it. It is exciting!

Go Tribe!

We Need Help!

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The American Slovak Club is interested in hiring help for our Friday fish fries. We need kitchen help,  bus people and waitresses. Those interested may pick an application in the Club room at the bar. The Club is a great place to work and remember, you do not have to be a member to apply. We are located at the corner of 30th and Broadway in Lorain and our phone # is 440-245-5146. Thank you for your consideration.

T-Time 10-16-16

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A few things seen and heard this week…

A few of our family members recently attended a mass celebrated by Father Leonard Bacik, pastor of St. Bartholomew Parish in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. He is a former pastor of Holy Trinity Parish in Lorain, the unofficial home parish of the American Slovak Club, and was very popular with the parishioners. His pastoral leadership at Holy Trinity began in the early 1980’s through the mid-1990’s and was described by Joan Gluvna in a historic compilation as the beginning of “a new era” for the parish. Many exciting changes, improvements and needed repairs were made during his enthusiastic leadership which helped to create “spiritual and material growth” in the parish. Some of the church services Father Len performed were absolutely beautiful. His singing of the consecration during special masses brought tears to my eyes every time. Father Bacik and Holy Trinity Parish are deeply missed by its former parishioners. I am very happy to say that Father Len is doing well and it is always a pleasure to speak with him. (source: A History of Holy Trinity Parish compiled by Joan Gluvna)

The Cleveland Indians have swept the Boston Red Sox 3 games to none in a best of 5 American League Divisional Playoff Series. In the American League Championship Series opener, the Tribe started out with a victory based on great pitching and a 2-run homer by an enthusiastic shortstop named Francisco Lindor. This youngster plays with real enthusiasm which seems to have been caught by the entire team this season . It just seems like the entire team is having fun and always looking forward to the next game. They are really fun to watch. Go Tribe!

And the Tribe wins another one on Saturday as the pitching staff, namely Josh Tomlin, Bryan Shaw, Andrew Miller, and Cody Allen held the powerful Toronto Blue Jays to 1 run. Toronto’s staff was very effective too as they held the Tribe to 2 runs. But it was  just enough to win and take a 2 games to none lead in the best of 7 games series. These teams are off Sunday October 16th and resume the series in Toronto on Monday October 17th at 8:08 p.m in Toronto. This is some very exciting baseball and has fans rallying together to root for their favorite team. It is a privilege to watch your home teams battle to win the title of Major League Baseball World Champions. Thank God we have the opportunity to observe it. Enjoy the ride folks, enjoy the ride. It is a very difficult journey to successfully complete.

Now on to our Browns. Another tough loss as they seemed to be in it the entire game. However, I see reason for hope. I actually predicted a Browns victory today. That and $2 will get you some coffee at your local restaurant. Kessler seems to get better each game and the kid has moxie. Don’t give up yet as we must remember the Browns could be a poster child for any leading health care provider. Keep the faith! We may be surprised.

Halloween Bowling Party Update

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The Children’s Halloween Costume Bowling Party sponsored by the United Slovak Societies will be held at Slovak Lanes on Sunday October 23, 2016 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. This is open to Club members for children ages 16 and under. Please sign up at the bar or bowling alley by Wednesday October 19th. There will be pizza and other goodies to snack on as we watch our children and grandchildren bowl in their Halloween garb. So, sign up and partake in the fun.

T-Time 10-9-16

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A few things seen and heard this week…

Once again, I give a shout out to outstanding local play-by-play radio announcers. Just listened to Tom Hamilton call the 2nd playoff game against the Boston Red Sox. What an exciting job he does. I felt as though I was at the game. And I must also give tribute to Joe Tait who had broadcast the Cavs games for about forty years. It also helps that God has blessed us with some exciting Cleveland sports this year.

The Cleveland Indians have taken the first 2 games of a best-of-5 American League Playoff Series. They were off Saturday and today’s game at Fenway Park has been rained out by Hurricane Matthew. The Tribe  will play the Red Sox Monday at 6:08 p.m. Go Tribe!

The American Slovak Lanes Singles Classic Bowling Tournament is holding its 59th annual tournament beginning on Saturday October 29th for 6 consecutive weekends. The handicap division pays out $3,000 for 1st place and actual pays $500. There are many ways to win with the various options available and you can even bowl with several others in a doubles option which is extremely popular. With 80% handicap based on 220 scratch (limited to 288 pins), the average league bowler has an excellent chance to cash in big as the handicap prize pool is the larger. This tourney is well run and very popular to be able to go on for 59 years. See the rules and specifics on our website.

The Slovak Lanes will also be hosting a children’s Halloween bowling party on Sunday October 23rd. This is open to the children belonging to the local lodges of our fraternals as listed in the “membership” section of the Club’s website. There will be plenty of pizza and assorted other “goodies” to snack on at the party as we watch our children and grandchildren bowl in their Halloween garb. It’s a lot of fun. More details to follow as they are finalized.

Took a break to watch some college football this weekend and do my own evaluation of possible draft choices this coming April (the Browns fan’s Super Bowl as coined by various sports talk show hosts). Hard to evaluate the players of games played along the eastern coast as the rains of Hurricane Matthew wreak havoc. Say a prayer for all those affected by this devastatingly powerful force. Nature at its angriest!

And our beloved Browns have another quarterback go down to an injury. Cody Kessler is reported to have chest and rib injuries. Looks like a day that goes all New England’s way (they are a great team). I sincerely hope the “New Browns Order” pick up a big, strong and talented QB in the 2017 draft that can really spin the ball and withstand the hits he will get as he, the offensive line and the receivers develop a chemistry. Until that happens, it will be really tough to become an NFL power.

Saw a beautiful sunset Friday evening at Lakeview Park and then saw 4 white tail deer run across Leavitt Road and jump over a drainage ditch guardrail on my way home. Nature at its’ finest! Most everyone today is so busy living their lives and developing their careers that we sometimes forget to take the time to smell the coffee brewing. Watch the sunset and the deer run. We cannot get 26 hours into a 24 hour day no matter how hard we try. Stop and take the time to give your spouse a hug when they may least expect it. Spend some quality time with your kids and show them you love them. The kids grow up too fast and we get old too soon.

Remember to give thanks to God and be safe. Dobre den.


We’re Having a Clambake!

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The American Slovak Club will present a Clambake on Saturday October 22, 2016 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Chef Joe Palko will be preparing the bake which will include a dozen clams, 1/2 chicken, sweet or red skin potatoes, corn, bread and butter, clam broth and chowder. All this for the price of $25. Extra clams can be purchased for $10 per dozen. To add to the festivities, entertainment will be provided by Rick Keane of R-KADE Music from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. If the joint is jumping, Rick will stay longer! We are limiting ticket sales to 100 for the bake and 50 for the extra clams. Tickets can be purchased at the Club and will be sold through October 17th. We anticipate this event to be sold out as it is very popular so purchase your tickets early. And remember, you do not have to be a member of the Club to attend. You can call the Club at 440-245-5146 for further details. You don’t want to miss this one!