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Posted by on Nov 12, 2016 in blog |

T-Time 11-12-16

Some random thoughts…

Congratulations to President-Elect Donald Trump who pulled off a victory in a hard fought campaign against Hilary Clinton. So, regardless who you may have been for, lets all continue our prayers for the country and the president as it takes teamwork to run things smoothly, achieve continuous improvement and contribute to world order. Hopefully, our elected officials can to that.

And on to our beloved Browns as they lose the second half again and increase this year’s streak to 10 losses in a row (with no victories). I don’t blame Head Coach Jackson for pulling Kessler and giving Josh McCown the job of putting a “W” on our board. However, Josh did not have a good outing. Jackson is looking for a victory to put a patch over the continuous bleed that has occurred all year. Too many injuries, penalties, confusing plays and perhaps some plain old bad luck have contributed to the losing streak. I really believe one of the major problems is in the scouting department as the draft choices have not yet made a major contribution consistently enough to get the team moving toward a predictable improvement. This is what I referred to as perhaps a change in philosophy in a previous post. It seems that we have passed on some players that have performed well with other teams and our choices have not yet showed the potential our scouts saw in them. Granted, established players help rookie players improve but the Browns have let a lot of the veterans leave in free-agency. Please look at your cards again management and play the hand better. If not, Browns owner Mr. Haslam may decide to fold-em and start over again. Another new management team with a new coaching staff and system to implement will take another major block of time to get going. I don’t know if that time exists. Stocking draft choices doesn’t help if we make inefficient picks.

This should be an interesting off-season for the Cleveland Indians. Many questions arise as some free agency questions arise with Davis and Napoli. The timely hitting was so frequent I’m not sure it can be consistently counted on. We could use some more hitting and can’t just count on Michael Brantley returning to the line-up. Some work is in order here. And, our pitching staff’s return to health would be a great place to start. Trainers, start your engines.

God bless, good night and stay safe.