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Posted by on Nov 21, 2016 in blog |

T-Time 11-21-16

A few thoughts…

I must confess that I did not watch our beloved Browns take a beating from the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, I read several articles from ESPN and that brought me to a conclusion. The raw weather and the Steelers defensive prowess leads me to be thankful for this game – maybe. I look at it as a blessing to have the game results point out to the Browns management three things that MUST happen in the draft.

First of all, we need to use a very high draft pick to get the big, strapping, strong-armed quarterback that we have not had since the re-creation of the Browns in 1999. One that can process the procedures required and develop to become a proven leader of an offense that makes opposing teams have to do extra work to try to stop him. This is a must otherwise we will continue to see a repeat of this season. Secondly, the offensive line needs help. Too many injuries and free agent “let them go’s” have really hurt them. It shows in the all the statistics of both the running and passing game. Third of all, the defense needs help in all aspects of the game. Start wherever you want but begin the process of improvement.

This is my humble opinion and these areas have been pointed out by many others before. However, yesterday’s game pointed it out strongly enough that management can’t ignore using the draft choices they’ve acquired to pick players NOW┬árather than just trade the higher choices for additional picks in future drafts. If you go with offense first, at least the team should be able to put some points on the board. We must have points to win a game. Maybe mix up the choices to get each part of the team a little better each year better. It will take some time but it needs to happen NOW!

Maybe this game was a blessing to the Browns management, maybe not. I’m sure they were watching. Did they see it? We will find out in April.

God bless and stay safe.