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Posted by on Dec 8, 2016 in blog |

T-Time 12-8-16

I’m back…

Hi Folks. Been pretty busy lately with normal items that arise in life. We all have some things happen that dominate our time and sometime serious ones that may cause you to lose sleep.

I’ve seen and heard of a lot of car accidents recently. Some were minor fender benders and some were pretty serious. Either of these probably caused a loss of sleep to the participants. A sad observation I’ve made is that a significant portion of these seem to be caused by drivers being in a big hurry. I recently saw two cars go around a driver trying to make a left-hand turn on a two lane portion of a busy street. These two that went around drove onto the slag shoulder of the road through a moon-sized crater which may or may not have had some debris in it that could have caused a flat tire and cut sharply back onto the road. I just shook my head when I witnessed this. The left hand turn was accomplished about 5 seconds after they got back on the pavement. Then, they really had be talking out loud to myself when they both did the exact same thing about 20 seconds later. “Really, you’re in that big a hurry?” I guess their pizza was done and getting cold because they both pulled into a Pizza Hut lot. Another 5 seconds saved.

So what’s my point? We are in the midst of the Christmas season and most of us have a ton of things to get accomplished in a short time frame. There are far too many drivers in a big hurry that take chances on the road. People have so many things on their mind that they may lose focus on being alert to speed limits and vehicles in “blind spots” setting up the potential for an accident. A quick move at the wrong time can be a disaster. Drive responsibly and defensively. Be careful and stay alert to others so you can spend the holidays with family and friends without losing any sleep or possibly a loved one. As the saying goes, the life you save may be your own.

The Slovak Lanes Singles Classic Bowling Tournament is coming to a close. There have been some big scores hit in this six game tourney. Come down to watch the squads as there are many talented bowlers scheduled to participate this last weekend of the tournament. The kitchen will be serving delicious food both Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 7 p.m. in the bar room. Joy in the fun!

Current leaders of the tournament are:

Handicap Division:

  1. Dave Auria, Perryopolis, PA – 1553
  2. Denny Stillman, Parma, OH – 1521
  3. Donna Brooks, No. Olmsted, OH – 1474
  4. Terry Fields, Maple Hts, OH – 1462
  5. Phil Davila, Cleveland, OH – 1441

Actual Division:

  1. Denny Stillman, Parma, OH – 1515
  2. David Higgs, Lakewood, OH – 1413
  3. Andy Plowman, Sheffield Lake, OH – 1404
  4. Phil Davila, Cleveland, OH – 1393
  5. Tom Lynch, Cleveland, OH – 1373

God bless and be safe. Vesele Vianoce a Stastny Novy Rok