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Regular Membership: Regular membership is conferred upon anyone who is an owner of an insurance product or an annuity. Currently, the organizations are the Men’s and Women’s Sokols, St. Anne’s Branch 114, St. Mary Magdalene Branch 77, National Slovak Societies Assembly 160, and St. John’s/Holy Trinity Branch 228. These local fraternals are associated with the larger major organizations as listed in our links section. To get information on who to contact please send us an e-mail with your name and contact information. The appropriate lodge officer will contact you. Being a regular member entitles you to all amenities of the Club and the ability to be an officer of the respective Lodge and the Club itself.

Social Membership: Social membership may be attained at the Club for a minimal fee. Being a social member allows you all the amenities of the Club but does not allow you to be an officer of a Lodge or of the Club.

Bowling Center Membership: If you are a league bowler at the Club you have automatically a social membership.