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T-Time 12-31-16

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A few thoughts…

I watched some of the Sun Bowl football game yesterday specifically to see North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky play. He had a bit of a rough day throwing 2 interceptions and missing some open receivers at times. However, the overall performance showed he has the talent required to be developed into a bonafide NFL quarterback. His arm strength is not really the cannon that so many reviews have claimed but it is above average. I would love to see the Browns take him in the 2017 draft. With proper coaching, he could become our franchise quarterback.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was pleasant and pray that 2017 will be a blessed and peaceful year for you, your family and the entire world. May God bless us all with His Peace and Love.

Happy New Year. Staslivy Novy Rok.




T-Time 12-25-16 A

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Some thanks and thoughts…

Thank you Santa for giving our beloved Browns a victory yesterday. Cancel the 0-16 parade and donate the funds received to the food banks. Call off the national media who has had a ball with our misfortunes. Replace the cloud over Hue Jackson’s shoulder and replace it with sunshine as this may be the beginning of the end of what ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi calls the “Hundred Years War”. Let the sun shine brightly on our Cleveland Browns!

Thank you again Santa for the last minute heroics of the San Francisco 49ers which brought them their 2nd victory of the year and gave back the lead for the 1st pick in the 2017 NFL draft to our Browns. The current draft order changed when Cleveland beat San Diego giving the 1st draft pick to the 49ers. We are back in position for the first pick of the draft.

The 2016 Slovak Singles Classic Tournament has come to an end. The official standings will be posted after all the checks and balances are performed to insure accuracy. Thank you to all our participants, tournament staff and kitchen for another fine year of ongoing tradition.

Have you been to the Club for our Friday fish fries lately? Some procedural improvements have been implemented to help increase your dining pleasure which appear to be favorable. As always, the fish is great so come on in and enjoy the fish that has been voted #1 in the area.

Dobre den.


T-Time 12-25-16

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“For unto us, a child is born.”

Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas to all.

T-Time 12-8-16

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I’m back…

Hi Folks. Been pretty busy lately with normal items that arise in life. We all have some things happen that dominate our time and sometime serious ones that may cause you to lose sleep.

I’ve seen and heard of a lot of car accidents recently. Some were minor fender benders and some were pretty serious. Either of these probably caused a loss of sleep to the participants. A sad observation I’ve made is that a significant portion of these seem to be caused by drivers being in a big hurry. I recently saw two cars go around a driver trying to make a left-hand turn on a two lane portion of a busy street. These two that went around drove onto the slag shoulder of the road through a moon-sized crater which may or may not have had some debris in it that could have caused a flat tire and cut sharply back onto the road. I just shook my head when I witnessed this. The left hand turn was accomplished about 5 seconds after they got back on the pavement. Then, they really had be talking out loud to myself when they both did the exact same thing about 20 seconds later. “Really, you’re in that big a hurry?” I guess their pizza was done and getting cold because they both pulled into a Pizza Hut lot. Another 5 seconds saved.

So what’s my point? We are in the midst of the Christmas season and most of us have a ton of things to get accomplished in a short time frame. There are far too many drivers in a big hurry that take chances on the road. People have so many things on their mind that they may lose focus on being alert to speed limits and vehicles in “blind spots” setting up the potential for an accident. A quick move at the wrong time can be a disaster. Drive responsibly and defensively. Be careful and stay alert to others so you can spend the holidays with family and friends without losing any sleep or possibly a loved one. As the saying goes, the life you save may be your own.

The Slovak Lanes Singles Classic Bowling Tournament is coming to a close. There have been some big scores hit in this six game tourney. Come down to watch the squads as there are many talented bowlers scheduled to participate this last weekend of the tournament. The kitchen will be serving delicious food both Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 7 p.m. in the bar room. Joy in the fun!

Current leaders of the tournament are:

Handicap Division:

  1. Dave Auria, Perryopolis, PA – 1553
  2. Denny Stillman, Parma, OH – 1521
  3. Donna Brooks, No. Olmsted, OH – 1474
  4. Terry Fields, Maple Hts, OH – 1462
  5. Phil Davila, Cleveland, OH – 1441

Actual Division:

  1. Denny Stillman, Parma, OH – 1515
  2. David Higgs, Lakewood, OH – 1413
  3. Andy Plowman, Sheffield Lake, OH – 1404
  4. Phil Davila, Cleveland, OH – 1393
  5. Tom Lynch, Cleveland, OH – 1373

God bless and be safe. Vesele Vianoce a Stastny Novy Rok

T-Time 11-21-16

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A few thoughts…

I must confess that I did not watch our beloved Browns take a beating from the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, I read several articles from ESPN and that brought me to a conclusion. The raw weather and the Steelers defensive prowess leads me to be thankful for this game – maybe. I look at it as a blessing to have the game results point out to the Browns management three things that MUST happen in the draft.

First of all, we need to use a very high draft pick to get the big, strapping, strong-armed quarterback that we have not had since the re-creation of the Browns in 1999. One that can process the procedures required and develop to become a proven leader of an offense that makes opposing teams have to do extra work to try to stop him. This is a must otherwise we will continue to see a repeat of this season. Secondly, the offensive line needs help. Too many injuries and free agent “let them go’s” have really hurt them. It shows in the all the statistics of both the running and passing game. Third of all, the defense needs help in all aspects of the game. Start wherever you want but begin the process of improvement.

This is my humble opinion and these areas have been pointed out by many others before. However, yesterday’s game pointed it out strongly enough that management can’t ignore using the draft choices they’ve acquired to pick players NOW rather than just trade the higher choices for additional picks in future drafts. If you go with offense first, at least the team should be able to put some points on the board. We must have points to win a game. Maybe mix up the choices to get each part of the team a little better each year better. It will take some time but it needs to happen NOW!

Maybe this game was a blessing to the Browns management, maybe not. I’m sure they were watching. Did they see it? We will find out in April.

God bless and stay safe.

T-Time 11-12-16

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Some random thoughts…

Congratulations to President-Elect Donald Trump who pulled off a victory in a hard fought campaign against Hilary Clinton. So, regardless who you may have been for, lets all continue our prayers for the country and the president as it takes teamwork to run things smoothly, achieve continuous improvement and contribute to world order. Hopefully, our elected officials can to that.

And on to our beloved Browns as they lose the second half again and increase this year’s streak to 10 losses in a row (with no victories). I don’t blame Head Coach Jackson for pulling Kessler and giving Josh McCown the job of putting a “W” on our board. However, Josh did not have a good outing. Jackson is looking for a victory to put a patch over the continuous bleed that has occurred all year. Too many injuries, penalties, confusing plays and perhaps some plain old bad luck have contributed to the losing streak. I really believe one of the major problems is in the scouting department as the draft choices have not yet made a major contribution consistently enough to get the team moving toward a predictable improvement. This is what I referred to as perhaps a change in philosophy in a previous post. It seems that we have passed on some players that have performed well with other teams and our choices have not yet showed the potential our scouts saw in them. Granted, established players help rookie players improve but the Browns have let a lot of the veterans leave in free-agency. Please look at your cards again management and play the hand better. If not, Browns owner Mr. Haslam may decide to fold-em and start over again. Another new management team with a new coaching staff and system to implement will take another major block of time to get going. I don’t know if that time exists. Stocking draft choices doesn’t help if we make inefficient picks.

This should be an interesting off-season for the Cleveland Indians. Many questions arise as some free agency questions arise with Davis and Napoli. The timely hitting was so frequent I’m not sure it can be consistently counted on. We could use some more hitting and can’t just count on Michael Brantley returning to the line-up. Some work is in order here. And, our pitching staff’s return to health would be a great place to start. Trainers, start your engines.

God bless, good night and stay safe.


T-Time 11-6-16

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And our beloved Browns take it on the chin again. Defense? It is offensive and seems to be getting worse instead of better. When will the bleeding stop…

T-Time 11-5-16

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A bit of this and that…

I don’t know how most people feel but I’m suffering from baseball hangover. The regular season competition, great playoff games and one of the best, if not the best world series competition I’ve ever seen, left me wanting more. I guess that is to be expected from me as I long for football on the day after the Super Bowl. Looking forward to the 2017 MLB season.

And of course, the Browns fan’s Super Bowl comes in the Spring as the NFL Draft takes place. Just read a bio of Mitch Trubisky. Not too many starts but impressive stats – can you spell Carson Wentz? He’s big and has a good arm per reports I’ve read and he wants to play for the Browns. Reminds me of Bernie Kosar who we hit on and Ben Roethlisberger who we missed on (his agent informed the Browns that he would like to play for Cleveland and we opted pass on him). Note to Browns management – Please take this kid in the draft. If Kessler and Hogan both work out to be good quarterbacks, we may have a really good problem to deal with. We need someone to build the team around and that would be the quarterback who could withstand the hits, competition, winds and snow of the AFC North. This is a tough division and we need a tough quarterback. I see promise in Kessler and Hogan but I still think we need that big QB to lead the team downfield and produce in the red zone. I do believe we have the proper head coach in Hue Jackson to get the job done. Lets give him the chance to prove it.

And please remember to vote this Tuesday. Our country needs your input concerning who should be at the helm of the United States of America for the next 4 years. Please perform a civic duty and vote for the candidate you think is best for the job.

God bless and stay safe. Dobre nocz.

T-Time 11-3-16

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Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs as they win the 2016 World Series ending a 108 year drought as World Champions of Major League Baseball. And congratulations to the Cleveland Indians who gave their fans so much excitement and much to cheer about all season and post-season. These two teams played their hearts out and it is too bad that one of them had to lose. I see no reason for the Tribe to hang their heads and it would not surprise me to see a World Series re-match of these teams in 2017. The ride was heartbreaking but a lot of fun. Go Tribe!

T-Time 11-1-16

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Well, nobody said it would be easy. Need Kluber to be effective and the Tribe bats to wake up and score early – and often. Down to a 1 game series – winner takes all.

Go Tribe!